Future improvements

-indexes in db for faster lookup
-deliver pictures during write
-http-cacheing for pictures: creation time, identifiers (strong + weak)
-same nameing for effectively same size
-restrict size to common sizes
-skip script if picture is already there

-larger as original only via size-attribute

-include sizes in 
-take care of x-host-scripting

code cleanup:
-GalleryContainer, Gallery --> one object
-CGI independent (dont asume one run for every request)
-thread safe

-expulsive queues
-no output???
-commands running ammok?
-avoiding threads...

-zoom in, zoom out, up, down

-layouts which insert tables, or lists with more information, or put
 the pictures in circles...

-simplify default view procedure

-kick h999 w999

-avoid code dublication in layouts
-maybe even reduce layouts to code snippets entering gallery and
picture nodes in a DOM tree

-restrict sizes to useful subset and redirect to it
-check views for errors
-fill the low prio queue

-name, versionsnummer