Free or cheap DID numbers worldwide

In the following table I will cover DID (=telephone number) providers I get to know of. But they have to fullfill some restrictions:

Please contribute and send me emails about usefull additions and corrections to Robert.Siemer-did<<a>>

countryccmonthly feesetupportingnumbers fromno. startprovidercomment
diversefrom around 2,50differs-diversevirtualphoneline.comdifferent but not all countries, you have to register to see prices
diversefrom around 2,50differs-diversedidww.commost destinations from around 6EUR, you can search without account
Bulgaria+3592.07 - 3.730-12 cities2|32|38|42|44|52|54|
bgopen.netinfos in German
France+3320-one from each region [1-5]17543|25335|36961|
phonesystems.netyou have to send in a copy of ID and some facility bill (but not necessarily from France?)
Germany+49000 (still)1900 exchange areas[2-9] (not exclusive)sipgate.deproof of residency necessary (how do they do it at the moment?)
Greece+3000?Athens area21(3)
Italy+39000232 districts0[1-9]skypho.netrevoked after 30 days unused(?)
Netherlands+310,83032,50all regions[1-5]|7budgetphone.nlpaid for 12month = 10EUR
Poland+4800-33 regions?
Romania+4000-Bucharest21 (not exclusive!)skypho.netrevoked after 30 days unused(?)
Spain+340139,20-Madrid91peoplecall.comincl. 10EUR calling credit, you get a 902 and 700 number on top
Spain+342,3213,9237,12all provinces, except Cantabria and Tenerife, and neither Ceuta nor Melilla9[1-9]
Sweden+462,500-Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö8|31|
Switzerland+410037,07 or free with packageall regions[2-9] (not exclusive)
UK+4400-complete country[1-2] do a geo IP check before offering UK geographic numbers
UK+4400-a lot of regions[1-2]
USA+100-Iowa (IA)515|319|? (random) or friendsoffically also other US numbers for 5$/month, but I haven't seen them...
USA+10/3,730-New York State (NY)347|516|631|914(free) 646|718($$$)
USA+100-Washington State (WA)206|253|360|425ipkall.comrevoked after 30 days unused, forwards to sip address
USA+12,500-Washington (DC), Los Angeles area (CA), New York (NY)202|323|
The prices are in Euros and include VAT. The country code ("cc") directly followed by the start expression ("no. start" as regex with comments) is the beginning of the number in international notation.

Not so cheap DID numbers worldwide

These providers have a bunch of countries to offer...

Discontinued DID supply

This list contains providers who used to offer DIDs, don't do so any more for the region indicated, but existing accounts still enjoy them.

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