From: Robert Siemer <>
Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 10:15 PM
Subject: Re: One patch, two plugins and development comments (, Chinese)
To: Anki Users <>

On Feb 20, 6:27 pm, TenNinjas <> wrote:
> 2011 23:45:03 -0800 (PST), Robert Siemer wrote:
> > And yes, my deck still runs in the patched Anki and loads in 1 second.

> Does your desk still work in un-patched Anki? If not; why not?

No, it does not. Anki pre-composes and stores the card template with
the fact data for each and every card. I called this storage “cache”,
and it takes roughly template_size × number_of_cards.

For review, unpatched Anki takes the card from the “cache”, patched
Anki takes the template and fills in the blanks.

The face-lifted deck has an empty “cache”. A DB-check may rebuild it,
but would pump up the deck again.

> > 2)
> Is all statistic information still available for your deck? Is the information
> still correct?

Nothing was touched regarding statistics. They are the same.

> how does it work for mobile situations? While not all mobile platforms
> are well maintained, anything you plan to share should (in my thinking at
> least) work on AnkiMobile and Ankidroid - if not with all features, at least
> gracefully degraded and still effective.

I’m pretty sure any supported mobile device can take a text (the
template) and replace some parts of it with some other text (the fact