From: Robert Siemer <>
Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: One patch, two plugins and development comments (, Chinese)
To: Anki Users <>

On Feb 20, 6:38 pm, Damien Elmes <> wrote:

> TenNinjas: Robert stated above that he has no desire to run the decks
> on mobile devices or the website.

I did not state that. -- The opposite is true. I wish I could study
Chinese anytime everywhere.

> By chopping out those parts of the deck he's also disabled the ability to search for tags,
> use selective study,

A tag search could run even faster if template tags do not get
multiplied into all the cards!

> sort by question or answer in the browser,

Questions and answers are potentially HTML snippets with replacements.
Anyone wants to sort by HTML  snippets with replacements?

[Yes, I’m aware of the historic background where it seemed nice to do
cross-template search/sort with “What is the capital of {{country}}?”
and “How many corners has {{geometric_shape}}?”. I suggest sorting for
template and fields with similar results.]

> used cached LaTeX files,

LaTeX output should end up in the fact data and media directory.

> Without the indices various operations will become heavily dependent on the size of the deck, and
> as more cards are added things will get slower and slower - especially
> when the deck is not cached in RAM.

There is no single operation where 10MB of data get sped up by 20MB of
indices. Most operations get slower instead.

If a deck doesn’t fit in RAM, we should ask ourself if there is a
remote chance of getting through it in a lifetime. If yes, we got a
program design issue.