Friends keep asking me: “What should I do?” – At the moment nothing. I hope I stay permanently unblocked on the Anki forum from now on.

Unblocked again on 2011-03-20

I got unblocked from the Anki forum. I hope this was a permanent decision from the forum owner. – Thank you for your support!

Free Software + Censorship

“Everyone should be able to say his opinion in an open forum. I do not support Robert’s views, but I do support free speech. Please unblock Robert.”
– This was the sentence I asked everyone to “sign”. I’m unblocked now. I wish to thank everyone who participated.

Historic information below:

short version:

Anki is an Open Source study software. I used it many years ago, and now again, because my former study website shuts down.

I made a huge effort to convert the Chinese content for Anki. I wrote a patch and plugins to accommodate my needs and posted comments on the forum.

I made critics about some technical issues, which I encountered. But Damien, the author of Anki, didn’t like my critics, started to discredit me in public and blocked my replies, so I couldn’t answer. For example this one got blocked (excerpt, full here):

On Feb 20, 6:25 pm, Damien Elmes <> wrote:

> > you march in here with a limited understanding of the issues involved

What am I missing?

> > and make bold statements about perceived design problems

I didn’t make bold statements.

> > with zero attempt to inquire or understand why things are the way they are,

Zero attempts to understand!?? I even wrote code! I asked interesting
questions you didn’t answer and you tell me that I waste your time
instead! – I explicitly inquired why the *Deleted tables are the way
they are!!

Robert  :-(

Some people tell me: “I don’t know who is right or wrong.” – Everyone should be able to say his opinion, including if it is wrong! This is what I stand for. And this is where I need your help.
[I stand to my critics as well, but don’t ask you to support them.]

long version:

Censorship means that someone makes sure you can’t say, what he doesn’t want you to say. I read nice things about Damien. That he resorts to such hefty instruments leaves me completely agitated. – My former study place closes down and the author of the best Free Software alternative wants to shut me up!?!

Read the full story here:

On the Anki forum are people in favor of muting me. Give it a balance: raise your voice! – To me, if a lie gets censored, there is probably more truth in it then in a lie that gets ignored. If Damien has no time answering me, he shouldn’t answer. If he thinks it is a waste of time reading me, he shouldn’t read me.

Damien doesn’t want the Anki users to get worried. So, please, stay calm when you read my worrying critics. Everything is fine.

Patch and plugins (outdated! for new versions see Panki)